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"Music expresses that which cannot be said, and on which it is impossible to be silent"  —Victor Hugo


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Arnold Public Schools students have a variety of opportunities to develop their musical gifts and talents through instruction, and participation in numerous events across the region and state.  

Band/Chorus News

  • MNAC 2017 Band and Choir Results

    Congratulations to our music students for their fine performances at District Music Contest on Friday, April 21st.   The results are:


    Jennifer Barraza, alto sax solo:  rating 1

    Grant Jones, trumpet solo:  rating 2

    Trumpet duet:  Grant Jones and Jace Connell:  rating 2

    Band: rating 1

     Jennifer Barraza, soprano solo:  rating 1

    Kenna Rogers, soprano solo:  rating 2

    Lorraine Wonch, soprano solo:  rating 2

    Girls’ Duet:  Jennifer Barraza and Jasmine Nelson: rating 3

    Girls’ Quartet:  Jennifer Barraza, Jasmine Nelson, Lorraine Wonch, Kenna Rogers:  rating 2

    Chorus (Mixed Sextet):  rating 1

    Ratings are:  1- Superior, 2- Excellent, 3- Good,  4- Fair,  5- Poor 

    Ten entries:  4-1’s, 5-2’s, 1-3

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