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Summer 2017

We will have many changes for everyone to adjust to when the school opens it’s doors to a new year in August.  Our summer renovation project means your children will pass through the lunch line in an entirely new direction, as the kitchen has been remodeled due to a broken drain line, and eat in a new cafeteria.  This will also be a great commons areas for students, and a gathering place for community members to eat concessions during home games while they watch the game action on a live video stream.  The music room will be located in what was the wrestling room, across the hallway from the offices, and the wrestling room and weight room have been moved to the old gym.  The new wrestling/weight room will be enclosed and insulated to reduce the amount of noise that space has traditionally created.  

There are also see some personnel changes.  We have a new custodian.  Craig Furne has been on staff since the beginning of June helping Jerry and Ruth with the summer workload.  Jerry will retire in August, and we will miss having him on staff, and thank him for his years of service to APS.  We also have a new Kindergarten teacher, Traci Kennedy.  She and her husband both grew up in Callaway, and we are very excited to welcome them to our staff and APS family.  And finally, Alison Rosentrater will join the staff as a para.

Some less visible changes include a new section of the roof over the ‘center’ of the school building, including the offices, cafeteria and music room.  The warranty ran out on this section a couple of years ago, and we budget to routinely replace roof sections as warranties expire.  We will do the same with other in years to come.  We also have new cooling and heating units in three classrooms in the elementary wing, the shop building classrooms, the new music room and the offices.