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1,800 out of 2,500 points

Hut two, three, four...
1,883 points heading out the door

That's an AWESOME 352 points in just one week! Unfortunately, there is only 1 1/2 weeks left to get 617 more points. Can the students make it? Time will tell...keep trying your best because you may be the one who pushes the school over the 2,500 mark.

Just in case there are any class individual goals, I will give you a break down. Don't forget...numbers also vary based on class size, length of books reading, and other reasons. The breakdowns are for classes to monitor their own progress. Here it goes:

K- 162
1- 121
2- 76
3- 61
4- 148
5- 163
6- 276
7- 104
8- 105
9- 127
10- 349
11- 107
12- 85

Should Mr. Morgan start training for his Army challenge? When I updated him today, he was nervous for the first time. Mrs. Heather says maybe Jeremiah can give him some creative workout tips -- bikes and other options can be VERY helpful. Make sure you wave at Mr. Morgan if you see him running or riding bikes in the next couple of weeks.