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8th Annual Arnold Spelling Bee Results

The 8th Annual Arnold Spelling Bee was a rousing success with 18 students participating in the competition.  

They went 14 rounds to determine the winner.  

After the 8th round, it was down to a 4th grader, Ella Cool; and a 5th grader, Gracie Neth.  They spelled for 5 rounds with each spelling their words correctly.  The word "marionette" was Ella’s downfall in the 14th round and Gracie Neth’s winning word was fitting for the occasion, “enchantment.”

First place honors went to Gracie Neth, second place honors to Ella Cool and third place honors to Colby Streit.

The first 5 qualifiers from the classroom spelling bees (they had to be the first place winner in their grade) included:  Colby Streit, Colbi Smith, Lance Jones, Gracie Neth, and Stokely Lewis.

Ella was an automatic pick to add to the spelling team who will travel to Ansley for the Custer County Spelling Bee on February 21st.  That made 6 team members.  

Then going back through the rounds and checking to see who stayed in the longest, we could add Reagan Cool to the list.  And to determine the final team member, we had a spell off between Cooper Atkins, Addison Starr, and William Moninger.  Cooper won the spell off after a couple of rounds by spelling “rendition” and earned the 8th and final spot on the spelling team.