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Awards Night and Class Night Results

Awards Night

May 9, 2016

Introduction  by Mr. Joel Morgan, Principal

Dramatic-Play Production  by Mrs. Debby Moninger

National Honor Society Recognition by Mrs. Debby Moninger

Speech Awards by Mrs. Berni Crow

Music Awards by Ms. Chrysanne Bailey

  • Junior High Band: Landyn Cole
  • Junior High Chorus: Kylee Lehmkuhler
  • High School Band: Morgan Egglestom
  • High School Chorus: Sully Lewis

Scholastic Awards by the Staff

Mr. Cole

Weight Training - Sully Lewis
PE 9- Leighton Bubak

Mr Jageler

Consumer Math- Madison Merritt
Computers - Tatum Cool
Economics - Sadie Christensen

Mr. Lewis

Psychology - Morgan Eggleston
7th Grade Reading - Jadeyn Bubak, Landyn Cole, Sam Cool,
Kacee Dvorak
6th Grade Math - Reagan Cool
6th Grade Reading - Stella Lewis,
6th Grade World History - Reagan Cool, Colbi Smith
DARE - Carley Gracey
Most Improved- Zane Kreikemeier
Best Attendance - Raylee Downing, Stella Lewis, Isabelle Zuniga
Chess Champion Raylee Downing
Chess Runner/up Shayla Tickle
Grew the most Stella Lewis

Mrs Mohr

School House Graphic Products – First Hour
Laser Department Head- Madison Merritt
Layout & Design Department Head- Ashton Weinman
CNC Department Head- Cooper Taylor
Production Manager – Leighton Bubak
Print Department Head – Jarret Buchholz
Business Department Head – Tatum Cool
General Manager – Lydia Connell

Studio Art – Second Hour
Toni Oberg
Graphic Art- Third Hour
Morgan Eggleston and Jarret Buchholz (tie)
Photography- Fourth Hour
Bobbi Barnes
Yearbook/ Annual Staff
Bobbi Barnes

Mr Mohr

Production/Fabercation Cade Connell
Welding Cade Connell

Mrs. Moninger

Acc Reader Jasmine Nelson 142
Elissa Tilford 110
Leighton Bubak 260
Logan Coleman 171
Tatum Cool 130
Toni Oberg 107
Cooper Atkins 138
Jadeyn Bubak 160
Landy Cole 138
Sam Cool 131
Kirby Corfield 110
Kacee Dvorak 123
Bailey Schwarz 113
Eli Taylor 203
Faith Bierman 162
Reagan Cool 125
RayLee Downing 133
Stella Lewis 236
Colbi Smith 113
Shayla Tickle 100

English 11 Jasmine Nelson
College English Morgan Eggleston
Drama Avery Atkins
Speech Toni Oberg

Mrs. Badgley

6th Lang Arts: Reagan Cool
7th Lang Arts: Jadeyn Bubak
8th English: Semester 1 Jace Connell
Semester 2 Kenna Rogers
9th English: Lydia Connell and Leighton Bubak
10th English: Avery Atkins
Journalism: Jasmine Nelson, Tristan Johnson

Mrs Nansel

Mid-Nebraska Activities Conference Meritorious Award:
Jasmine Nelson- Honorable Mention Academic All-Conference
Tristan Johnson-Honorable Mention Academic All-Conference
Morgan Eggleston- First Team All Academic 2106

Morgan Eggleston-Omaha World Herald 2016 All Academic Program Honorable Mention
Olivia Furne-Omaha World Herald 2016 All Academic Program Honorable Mention

Mr Peterson

7 Civics- Jadeyn Bubak
Landyn Cole
8 History Anthony Olson
Geography Leighton Bubak
World History Landon Furne
American History Jasmine Nelson
Government Morgan Eggleston

Mr Schwarz

Algebra II - Leighton Bubak
Trig/Sr. Math - Morgan Eggleston
Math 7 - Jadeyn Bubak, Landon Cole, Sam Cool, Kacee Dvorak, Kylee Lehmkuhler, Bailey Schwarz, Colby Streit
Math 8 - Max Werner

Mr Swingle

Science 7- Landyn Cole/Jayden Bubak (tie)
Science 8- Max Werner
Science 9- Leighton Bubak
Science 10 - Cade Connell
Science 11 - Jasmine Nelson

Awards Night

May 9, 2016

Presentation of the Class  by Morgan Eggleston

Class Will  by All Seniors

Class History  by Tristan Johnson and Morgan Eggleston

Slide Presentation by All Seniors

Class Prophecy  by All Seniors

Farewell by Tristan Johnson