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Box Tops For Education Success in Elementary

I rallied the troops in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades to help me count and compile the Box Tops that have been collected over the past year. We ended up with quite a brigade of cutters and counters. Fourth grade students worked together cutting and counting. Fifth grade students cut Box Tops, then delivered them to the third grade class, where students compiled bags of 50. When totals were tallied, we ended up with 80,850 Box Tops, which earned our school $808.50. Who do we have to thank for this? YOU, the parents, patrons, and friends and family from surrounding communities. Thank you for collecting these and delivering them to the school. Each elementary class has a container in their room, and we have containers in the office for gathering the Box Tops. Reeds Food Center also keeps a container at their checkout counters to make it easier for patrons to drop of Box Tops there. The money goes into a fund and used for various elementary projects, field trips, and so on. The first smart board in the elementary was purchased with Box Tops Funds. You keep the Box Tops Coming, and we’ll continue, Collecting, Counting, and Cutting!

Each student that is holding a bag, is holding 1000 Box Tops.