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Camp S'mor-gan Update: ? out of 2,500

Mr. Morgan has agreed to camp on the roof if Arnold students earn 2,500 points as a whole. Each week I will update you on the school goal and how much each grade has. The kindergarten class can compete to by reading with their parents and I will add the reading log points. Remember, there are different number of students in various classes and many of the elementary classes are just starting AR (junior high and high school often come back with a book they read over the summer to take a test right away), so breaking down the points by class is more to help teachers if they have a specific class goal.

School:  321 points

1st grade —8.7 points
2nd grade — 35.8 points
3rd grade — 39.2 points
4th grade — 10.9 points
5th grade — 43.3 points
6th grade — 0 points
7th grade — 105.1 points
8th grade — 55.2 points
9th grade — 2 points
10th grade — 3 points
11th grade — 0 points
12th grade — 17.8 points

Good job week one. Here’s looking at week 2’s reading goals!