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Camp S'Morgan Update for Week 7

Oh man, I thought the goal was made, but not quite. First of all though, the high schoolers are jealous of the 5th grade being able to go home and read after school while they still have practice, work, and homework left. I think they’re remembering the glory days. I’m not even going to try and break it to them about how it will be as they start having to work, do laundry, cook supper, etc. It’s just a touch of “adult-ing” for them. :-)

 Remember, there are different number of students in various classes and many of the elementary classes are just starting AR, so breaking down the points by class is more to help teachers if they have a specific class goal.

School:  2439.6 points (yes, just 61 points shy…who will push Mr. Morgan to the roof with the final 2,500 points?)

Kindergarten — 56 points
1st grade — 155.4 points
2nd grade — 122.8 points
3rd grade — 85.2 points
4th grade — 137 points
5th grade — 690.5 points
6th grade — 206.2 points
7th grade — 190.7 points
8th grade — 458.6 points
9th grade — 79.2 points
10th grade — 118 points
11th grade — 88 points
12th grade — 52 points

Good job week seven. Here’s looking at week 8’s reading goals!