The South Loup Bobcat Cheerleaders were organized the first year of the sports co-op between Arnold and Callaway.  They are a school sanctioned group which must follow all the rules of the school districts as well as NSAA.  They cheer at all home games and most sub-district games. To become a cheerleader, the girls must go through tryouts in front of judges.  Tryouts are usually in the spring, March or April. They have a panel of judges from out of town who have usually been involved in cheer at some point. The girls perform and chant, cheer and a short dance routine for tryouts. They are judged and scored. The three highest scores from Arnold and the three highest scores from Callaway are the girls who become the six cheerleaders for the next year.  To be captain, the cheerleader must have one year of experience and must also be a junior or a senior.

However, being a cheerleader means extra duties that extend beyond the sidelines.  Cheerleading is a sport that helps our young women develop leadership skills, organizational skills, how to work well with others, responsibility and also how to manage fundraising.  They decorate lockers for each sport, hand out treat bags, prepare for the homecoming pep rallies, and try to be a supporter of the athletes. 

To prepare for the upcoming year, the cheerleaders and sponsor attend a cheer camp.   "This is where the girls learn their chants, cheers and dance routines that we will use throughout the year. The also get to compete against other squads for awards at camp. We have cheer practice in the summer and once a week usually to practice cheers and organize upcoming events!" 

Cheer Squad for 2016-2017 Year Chosen


The South Loup Bobcat Cheer squad was chosen on Saturday, April 30th during their annual tryouts.  The following 11 girls were chosen for next year's cheer team after they demonstrated they had met the requirements.  They are:  Tatum Cool, Angelina Harter, Olivia Paulsen, Hannah Pearson, Jennifer Barraza, Lucy Kimball, Madison Merritt, Amanda Harrison, Lydia Connell, Vayle Berger, and Jorgey Dauel. 

The tryouts were a culmination of a busy week of practice on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:30 p.m. (two nights in Callaway and one in Arnold) and then tryouts in Callaway on Saturday at 2 p.m.  Judges were brought in from Broken Bow to judge the girls on one individual cheer and on their performance in two group cheers. The school districts agreed that there would be no limit of cheerleaders from each school to include on the squad, so there could have been more cheerleaders from one school than the other.  As it turned out, there are 5 from Arnold and 6 from Callaway.

"With a larger squad, it will let those of us who are athletes participate and still have a cheer squad out there for the team," said Tatum Cool.  "We are looking forward to making cheerleading more fun.  We want to do more for pep rallies, planning for homecoming week, decorating more, possibly finding a fight song, and having more fun at home games."

Madison Merritt agreed and added that it would be fun to involve the mascot more with the crowd, to dance at more half-time games, and just be more visible."

Mr. Morgan, who helped with cheer tryouts due to Ms. Batenhorst's illness, said he "enjoyed the experience.  I liked watching the team come together and be supportive of each other."

The next two weeks will be action-packed.  They will be getting together to choose uniforms and plan fundraisers.  Their new cheer sponsor will be Ms. Carissa Batenhorst who said, "I am really looking forward to next year and planning for a lot of fun events with the girls."

They are also planning to hold a 3-day camp before the school year starts with some help from some Broken Bow sponsors.  They plan to use the camp time to practice and get ready for the year.  "We want to make cheerleading a priority and to be a really good squad, strong, well-built, and supportive of each other," said Lydia Connell.

Bobcats Cheerleading News

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    The South Loup Bobcat Cheerleaders are hosting a Cheer Camp for girls in Preschool age 4 through 6th grade.When: Saturday, December 14th, 2019Time: 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.Where: Callaway High school GymCost: $20 (this will include the camp and a t-shirt)The girls will learn Cheers, Chants, and a short dance routine which will be performed at a home game in Callaway and Arnold.Performance dates and times:Callaway- December 14th at half time of Boys game (scheduled to start at 7:30 pm)Arnold- Decembe...  Read More...

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  • Cheer Tryouts 2017

    Any 8th grade through 11th grade girls are welcome to try out!Practices:Monday, April 24th - 6:45 in the Arnold GymTuesday April 25th - 6:45 in the Arnold GymThursday April 27th - 6:45 in the Arnold Gym (may be in old gym)**  Practices will be in Arnold.  If you are in track, meet us in the gym at Arnold after practice (6:45).Try-out Judging:Friday April 28th at 7 pm in Callaway Gym - will leave Arnold at 6:30 p.m.   Read More...

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Dance routine during the State Playoff Game in Husker Stadium

Dance routine during the State Playoff Game in Husker Stadium

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Live on PBS television

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Cheering in Husker Stadium

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