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Classroom Winners Announced

The school has been a little more focused on spelling for the past couple of weeks in preparation for the many spelling bee opportunities. They started with written spelling tests in each of the classrooms. Once a winner was determined from each grade 4-8th grade, their names were added to list of students who would compete in Broken Bow. In addition to the winners from each of the grades, the runners-up were also added to the list of students who would be competing in the oral portion of the spelling bee.

The oral portion of the Arnold Spelling Bee will be held in the Arnold Gymnasium on Tuesday, February 3rd at 1 p.m. The spelling order was randomly determined. Students in grades 4th through 8th grades competed in the local spelling bee which was given orally.

Following the Local Spelling Bee, the top eight spellers advanced to the Custer County Spelling Bee held on February 11th in Broken Bow at the Municipal Building. This was a written test. Winners of that bee will then advance to the State Omaha World Herald Spelling Bee, which is a written and oral test.

Here are the results from the classroom spelling bees:

8th grade:
1st place: Tatum Cool
2nd place (tie): Cole Gracey
2nd place (tie): Jarret Buchholz
4th place: Logan Coleman

7th grade:
1st place: Jace Connell
2nd place: Anthony Olson

6th grade:
1st place: Jadeyn Bubak
2nd place: Landyn Cole
3rd place: Sam Cool
4th place: Drew Vickers

5th grade:
1st place: Reagan Cool
2nd place: Colbi Smith
3rd place (tie): - Faith Bierman
3rd place (tie): Stella Lewis

4th grade:
Silas Cool
Johnathon Lamphear
Chester Oberg

3rd grade:
Gracie Neth 1st
Grace Bierman 2nd
Arena Fetty 3rd
Bryn Schwarz 4th

2nd grade:
Oral Spelling Bee:
First: Stokely Lewis
Second: Ella Cool

First: Ella Cool
Second: Stokely Lewis
Third: Ethan Furne

1st grade:
1st…Josiah Coleman
2nd…Paxton Bierman
3rd…Eli Hunt

1st…Josiah Coleman
2nd…Hayden Myers
3rd…Jamison Lamphear

Oral Winners: 1st-Sofie, 2nd-Josie C., 3rd-Jade
Written Winners: 1st-Josie C., Tie for 2nd-Walter and Sofie