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HS English and Librarian

As well as maintaining the k-12 school library, I teach United States Literature (11th grade), Expository Writing I & II (college credit), speech, and drama.


Mrs. Debby Moninger


308-848-2226 ext. 8

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Masters of Liberal Studies from Ft. Hays State University, August 2009

MA + 24 hours

BAE from UNK, English 7-12 and English as a Second Language endorsements K-12, December 2001


  • ELL K-12
  • English 7-12
  • Library K-12

Teaching Experience:

Kearney Public School - 3 years ELL

Arnold Public School - English and Speech, 2004 - current

MPCC adjunct faculty member, 2009 - current

Arnold Public School, 2010 - current


Speech Coach - 2004-2013

One Act Coach - 2004 - 2017

Quiz Bowl Sponsor - 2014 - current

NHS and NJHS Sponsor - 2010 - current

Eat It Or Wear It Challenge

Morgan Plunge

Favorite Book: "I'm on the Cover!"

Mrs. Moninger (11-12 English teacher) and Mr. Neth (5th grade teacher) are starting to make a wall in the library. This wall is going the have “The One” on it. They will slowly add books to the wall with series of books that get kids that normally don’t like reading end up really liking.

The first book that they are adding to the wall is “Wings of Fire” by Tui Sutherland. Tui has lots of books for the Wings of Fire series and she has more books under another name Erin Hunter. These books she writes with other people that is the reason that there is so many more of those series. The first student that Mrs. Moninger noticed getting into this series was Ivy Tullis (6th grader). When Mrs. Moninger noticed her getting into this book series she got to thinking about having a wall with series of books that have interested people. 

Mrs. Moninger recommends any students that gets really into a book series to tell her and Mr. Neth about it so that Mr. Neth can take a picture of the student and Photoshop them onto the cover of the book. These teachers are having School House Graphic Productions out of Arnold Public Schools make a piece to one wall in the library so that they can put up Mr. Neth’s pictures and the title of the book up on the wall so that kids that usually don’t get into books have a way to get into them. 


1st hour: 8:00-8:52
Planning…College Algebra students in the back room

2nd hour: 8:54-9:46
College English

3rd hour: 9:52-10:44

4th hour: 10:46-11:38
English 11: United States Literature

5th hour: 11:40-12:32
English 12

Lunch: 12:32-1:02
Lunch Hour

6th hour: 1:04-1:56
M: 1st, Tu: 4th, Wed: K, Thur: 2nd

7th hour: 1:58-2:50

8th hour: 2:52-3:44

Librarian, Tu: 3rd, Thur: 5th

Updates & News

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