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Eat it or Wear It - They Did It!

They Did It!  They reached their goal!  Now if only to decide who gets to choose...

Students have 3,398 points as of 9/27...exceeding the goal for the "Eat It or Wear It" challenge!!

The challenge continues as we determine who will decide Mr. Morgan's fate with the 25 "Eat It or Wear It" choices. The first 13 items will be chosen based on highest point winner in each class; the additional 12 disgusting delicacies will be determined by next 4 highest point earners in each group: elementary (K-5), middle school (6-9), and high school (9-12). Some classes may end up with as many as 5 representatives.

Although there are 2 more weeks so representatives may change, here are the class totals and leaders as of 9/27/19:

  • K -  184 points (they will vote the fate as a class)
  • 1st - 154 points: Class leaders are very close so it's wide open! (Bree, MaKenna, Jeremiah, Ava, Kenzie, Maverick, Declan, Ruby, Isaac)
  • 2nd - 151 points: Class leaders are within a point so the race is on! (Jaxson, Paisley, Emmanuel, Addison, Avery, Berklee, Paityn, Dagen)
  • 3rd - 270 points: Eli is class leader, but points are close for other representatives...Jett, Jacob, Hudson, and Lyla
  • 4th - 121 points: Delanie is class leader with Thad and Callan closing the gap.
  • 5th - 411 points: Malachi is class leader with Elijah, EvaLynn, and Wacey gaining points quickly.
  • 6th - 232 points: Brook is class leader with Hayden, Connor, and Paxton adding points rapidly.
  • 7th - 232 points: Anna leads the class with Ella and Ivy closing in quickly.
  • 8th - 793 points: Gracie leads with 594 points with Samantha, Delaney, and Charli  close with some of the 6th and 7th potential top 4.
  • 9th - 143 points: Johnathon leads the class...potential for many depending on size of novels reading.
  • 10th - 19 points: Faith leads the class, but potential sandbaggers depending on size of novels reading.
  • 11th - 580 points: Landyn leads the class with Eli close behind...again a lot of potential for gaining points quickly.
  • 12th - 120 points: Hailey leads with quick point gaining potential.

As always, class size and length of books greatly impact total points accumulated. The class totals are for individual goals, not comparisons.