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Eat it or Wear It - Week 4 Challenge

You can definitely tell students are back in the routine of reading! Our current total is 2,097 points for the school...that is awesome for this early in the quarter.

Here is a breakdown by grades, but remember, elementary books are worth a lot less points than chapter books and class sizes vary:

12th Grade: 67.5 points
11th Grade: 373.5 points
10th Grade: 9 points
9th Grade: 54.9 points
8th Grade: 564.8 points
7th Grade: 160.7 points
6th Grade: 60.2 points
5th Grade: 283.7 points
4th grade: 69.4 points
3rd grade: 201 points
2nd grade: 45.3 points
1st grade: 54.7 points
Kindergarten: 153 books

I'll update classroom leaders again next week. Keep reading and Mr. Morgan can start wondering whether he will "eat it or wear it".