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Final Results - Eat It or Wear It

Students definitely blew the challenge out of the water; however, the individual selection competition was much tighter. The classroom point leader in each grade will decide Mr. Morgan's fate as well as the top four points in high school, middle school, and elementary. I am listing two alternates for each division as well in case a point leader is absent. Here are the results:

High School Grades:

  • 12th Grade: 133.9 points -- Hailey Myers representative with 70.2 points
  • 11th Grade: 737.2 points -- Eli Taylor respresentative with 141 points
  • 10th Grade: 28.5 points -- Faith Bierman representative with 15 points
  • 9th Grade: 222 points -- Johnathon Lamphear representative with 66.1 points
  • Four highest non-classroom leader representatives: Landyn Cole 124.5 points, Cooper Atkins 68.5 points, Jadeyn Bubak 61 points, Bailey Schwarz 40.9 points
  • Alternates: Sam Cool 40 points, Chet Oberg 39 points (man was this a close division!!)

Middle School Grades: 

  • 8th Grade: 1102.8 points -- Gracie Neth representative with 766 points!!
  • 7th Grade: 491.1 points -- Anna Tullis representative with 94 points
  • 6th Grade: 248.6 points -- Brook Bierman representative with 52 points
  • Four highest non-classroom point leaders: Ivy Tullis with 74.9 points, Ella Cool with 70.6 points, Logan Recoy with 55 points, and Samantha Wonch with 52.5 points
  • Alternates: William Moninger 46.7 points, Charli Vickers 39.6 points

Elementary School Grades: 

  • 5th Grade: 616.4 points -- Malachi Neth representative 287.3 points
  • 4th Grade: 210.7 points -- Delanie Weinman representative 77.7 points
  • 3rd Grade: 338.3 points -- Eli Brast representative 187.5 points
  • 2nd Grade: 233.1 points -- Jaxsen Schacher representative 27.5 points
  • 1st Grade: 260 points -- Bree Blowers representative 28.9 points
  • Kindergarten: 229 books -- choosing as a class 
  • Four highest non-classroom point leaders: Elijah Cool 79 points, EvaLynn Wonch 48.8 points, Thad Hall 42.2 points, and Wacey Schultz 37.3 points
  • Alternates: Piper Strasburg 36.3 points, MaKenna Weinman 26.6 points

We will be preparing the list "Eat It or Wear It" items and have them ready for the October 30th activity. I'm sure Mr. Morgan will be hoping some of the catapults built that day would need some "Eat It or Wear It" ammunition!