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Food Pantry Raffle Tickets On Sale Now!

Spirit of Christmas Food Drive

"Make a Difference This Holiday Season"

The National Honor Society will be holding a K-12 Treat Raffle on Thursday, December 13th at the Elementary Christmas Program.  All donations to the raffle will go directly to the Arnold Food Pantry to help local residents.  


Tickets are $1.00 each or 7 tickets for $5.00

Attached is a blank form for raffle tickets.  Feel free to download and fill out prior to the program and drop them in the raffle as you come in the door.  Need not be present to win!  Winners will be notified on Friday morning.

The food pantry welcomes all donations; however, there is a high need for specific items this year.  Last year's raffle was such a success that we decided to do it again. Each classroom made a treat for the treat raffle.  

  • Kindergarten - Santa's Delight
  • 1st Grade - Sugar Cookies
  • 2nd Grade - Christmas Cookies
  • 3rd Grade - Homemade Bread and Butter
  • 4th Grade - Reindeer Fodder
  • 5th Grade - Turtle Candies
  • 6th Grade - DNA Christmas Crunch
  • 7th Grade - Harry Potter Cake
  • 8th Grade - Egg Nog Cheesecake
  • 9th Grade - Holiday Puppy Chow
  • 10th Grade - Treat Plates
  • 11th Grade - Rice Krispy Trees
  • 12th Grade - Holiday Brownies
  • Life Skills Class - Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Each class bakes a treat based on classroom activities.  Feel free to ask students what they were studying in class to inspire their baked treats.