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MNAC Champions XC Runners

STAPLETON—On October 8, the South Loup cross country team competed at Augusta Wind golf course in Stapleton; this was their conference meet. The Bobcats came ready to run, as two runners medaled, one runner ran a personal best, and many finished in the top half of the pack. 

The meet was small, with only 8 teams competing. There were 15 girls and 18 boys competing. Due to small numbers, only the top 5 runners medaled. Halie Recoy and Heidi Donegan made the cut, finishing 4th and 5th Halie finished with a time of 26:57, and Heidi at 28:32. 

“I was extremely excited and overjoyed when I crossed the finish line. I felt so honored to be a part of a team that is making history. We have a fairly young team and I can’t wait to see what next season brings,” said Heidi. 

Halie and Heidi deserved their medals. “Halie and Heidi have worked hard in practices to get where they are, along with everyone else,” said Coach Recoy. 

Both Bobcat boys ran exceptionally well. Silas Cool just missed medaling; he came in 6th place, and ran a stellar time of 22:32. Tanner Brown ran a personal best, running 26:21.

Coach Recoy is ecstatic about her team’s performance at their first ever conference meet. “I was excited and happy for the kids, they have worked hard this season and to see some success in a new program is wonderful,” said Coach Recoy.