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Morgan Closer To Boot Camp

Hut two, three, four...
1,530 points heading out the door

Let ’em blow from east to west
The US Army is the best

Look around from north to south
Arnold's full of reading youth

Standing tall and looking good
Ought to march in Hollywood.

Okay, I realize I need to work on my Army marching chants. I was starting to think it wouldn't be necessary; however, a consistent week of school really made a difference. We are still a little behind schedule on the 2,500 first quarter goal, but making up ground. As of this morning - Friday, September 21 - students have 1,530 points as a school. That's just under 1,000 points left with 3 weeks to go OR 324 points a week average.

Just in case there are any class individual goals, I will give you a break down. Don't forget...numbers also vary based on class size, length of books reading, and other reasons. The breakdowns are for classes to monitor their own progress. Here it goes:

K- 93.5
1- 91.5
2- 64.6
3- 55
4- 143
5- 131
6- 245
7- 94
8- 101
9- 27
10- 343
11- 106
12- 38

Should Mr. Morgan start training for his Army challenge?