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Morgan Plunge Week 4 Totals

Since I was gone Friday, the Morgan Plunge update is a little late for everyone. Here it goes:

We are almost half way through the first quarter, but the total is less than half way. That may be calming to Mr. Morgan; however, analyzing the number jumps in reading points should worry him. The elementary numbers have really jumped this week — possibly with the crazy schedules finally calming down and students getting into a more “normal” routine. 

The secondary numbers are always hard to guess because there are some students who like the “calm before the storm” approach. Judging from how the books are going out and the number of students who are earning points for the Golden Sower challenge, there is a good chance of students getting to witness the Morgan plunge! 

Maybe we should start taking donations for swimming lessons for Mr. Morgan in case his floaties malfunction. The total as of 9/11 before school (I ran the report but didn’t get to figure the totals until this afternoon) is 1,280 points…324 new points

Here’s a breakdown by grades…remember, there may be different class sizes and different book lengths. I just do the breakdown in case there is a class that has a personal goal…say maybe a teacher take the plunge too [or better yet, class officer]…. :-)

K - 88
1 - 68
2 - 42
3 - 84
4 - 90
5 - 157 (Point leader for the week…)
6 - 123
7 - 131
8 - 49
9 - 230
10 - 17
11 - 201
12 - 0

We’ll figure out those swimming lessons soon. Maybe Ms. Brown can cut you a special rate Mr. Morgan. :-)