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Morgan Week 6 Totals

Last week I was sick so this is really a two week total. I’ll try and do better for the final month of plunge. We have a little work to do, but it is still possible to make Mr. Morgan jump in the lake! :-)

The junior high numbers have really jumped this week — it’ll be interesting to see how next week goes with the extra day off for P/T conferences. The grand total as of 9/21 is 2061 points…almost 800 new points

Here’s a breakdown by grades…remember, there may be different class sizes and different book lengths. I just do the breakdown in case there is a class that has a personal goal…say maybe a teacher take the plunge too [or better yet, class officer]…. :-)

K - 105
1 - 125
2 - 65
3 - 106
4 - 96
5 - 187
6 - 275
7 - 150
8 - 149
9 - 331
10 - 130
11 - 343
12 - 0

Only 1,439 points to go for Mr. Morgan to jump in the lake…students will get to go to the state park to watch it and I’m sure there will be some kind of fun planned for it. That’s almost 500 points a week though so it will be a nail-biter. Don’t forget to take a test after you read a book rather than saving it for next quarter.