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Morgan's Plunge

We have survived week 1 of school so I'm going to update you on Mr. Morgan's Reading Plunge. As of an hour ago, students have 343 of the 3,500 points needed to force Mr. Morgan into the frigid water of Arnold's recreation lake. Some of the students read quite a bit over the summer and were ready for tests, but week one started slower than usual for AR points. Although class numbers vary from one grade to another (as well as length of the book, etc.), here's a breakdown by grade in case teachers set a classroom goal:

K: 6
1: 27
2: 19
3: 32
4: 20
5: 11
6: 9
7: 44
8: 43
9: 102 (WOW!!)
10: 0
11: 30
12: 0

School 343

Keep reading... it was fun to see him spend the night on the roof last year... so I am sure it will be fun to see him "go jump in a lake."