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NEW Activities Calendar

Arnold Public Schools is using a new activities application to manage all of our sporting events and school activities.  If you would like access to the most updated information, you can download the rSchool App.  In the Google Store and in the Apple store search for “rSchool” and you should see an app called “Activity Scheduler” with a blue hat as its icon.  (See image to the right.)

It is simple and easy to use.  

  1. When you first open it you have to do a simple set up.  
  2. Simply search for Arnold Public Schools and you will find us.  Then this week’s activities will show.  
  3. You can also choose the dates you want to see for future events.

This is a replacement for the links that feed into your iCal calendars on iPhones and in to your Google calendars.  This will be more efficient and up-to-the-minute with changes.

You can also use the following link on computers or on internet browsers on your phone to see the school calendars: