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  • Halloween MS Incentive Party

    Danette Oberg hosted the October Halloween themed incentive party for middle school students who earned the privilege of being there.  Students had to have their homework planners filled in and signed each week to be eligible to attend.

    Mrs. Danette Oberg hosted the party and began by explaining the games and activities that they get to do.
     The students were broken into teams with a 6th, 7th and 8th grader on each team.  Then they had to design and carve a pumpkin in 10 minutes.   They had to move fast.

    Tayten, Lydia, Jadeyn, and Kirby scooping out the pumpkins in the carving contest.

     Toni, Kacee, Leighton, Jesse and Logan are scooping and saving the pumpkin seeds and goop.

    The winning pumpkin looks like he doesn't like seeds either.

     Max, Dawson, Kylee, Tatum and Jace dipping their feet in the pumpkin scoopings.  There were marbles hidden in the gook, and you could only use your toes to find them and get them out.

    Lydia enjoyed the "eyeball" bouncing contest. The object of the game was for the team to get an eyeball in each of the cups on the floor. They had to bounce the "eyeball" into the plastic solo cup. The pink labels have names of disgusting foods to eat. At the end of the time limit, if the team did not get an eyeball in a cup, then one of the team members had to eat that item.

     Toni is watching Leighton eat three bites of a raw onion as if it was an apple.  Yuck!
     At the end of the time, the kids had a face painting contest.  There was a contest for the most beautiful and for the most scary.  Tatum is painting Kylee for the beautiful contest.
  • Veterans Day Program Videos

    Veterans Day Program
    November 11, 2014
    10 A.M.


  • Operation Christmas Child Nov. 17th


    Operation Christmas Child 
    Packing Party Schedule
    Monday, November 17 at the High School Gym

    (Donations are still being accepted at any time. Download this PDF to see what is requested.)

    8-8:30: 6th Grade
    8:30-9:00: Kindergarten and Seniors
    9:00-9:30: 1st Grade and Juniors
    9:30-10:00: 2nd Grade and Sophomores
    10:00-10:30: 3rd Grade and Freshman
    10:30-11:00: 4th Grade
    11:00-11:30: 5th Grade
    11:30-1:00: Break for School Lunch in the Gym, Community may pack
    1:00-1:30: 7th Grade
    1:30-2:00: 8th Grade



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