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PTA Thank You From Mrs. Badgley


I would like to say a big thank you to the parent volunteers who have been helping me out with my classroom duties.

August: Thank you to Jessica Tickle. She did a great job doing some typing for me. I had some worksheets I needed typed and never had the time to get to it. She came to my rescue the first week of school and I am set for the rest of the year! Thanks so much for doing that so fast.

October: Thank you to Cindy Tullis and Heather Hagler (a former student of mine) for their hard work on the bulletin boards outside of my classroom. They did a great job creating a Veterans Day bulletin board and an inspirational fall bulletin board that looked like Indian corn. Thanks so much for your creative abilities!

November: Thanks to Jessica Tickle for working with some "lost" computer files that will help develop some school web pages from lost pages. She did a lot of sorting of files, copying and pasting into word documents for me, and getting me ready to upload the new Willa Cather web pages very soon. Thanks Jessica.