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PTA the Real Stars; Selfie Results

They have said that the Teachers and Staff are the Stars of our School, but I beg to differ.  I think that the PTA has done an outstanding job of making themselves into the Stars this week!  Thank you so much to all who helped to create this wonderful week.  Thank you to each and every one of you that gave either your time, or your donations to make us feel special.  We really appreciate it.  We really do feel like stars for two reasons: one because you have been so kind this week, and two because we get to teach your children.  Our warmest thank you.

As a second thank you, we would like to announce the winners of the selfie contest.  The student winners are:

  • Stella Lewis won a 2 liter bottle of pop
  • Cade Connell won a 2 liter bottle of pop
  • Faith Bierman won an 8 pack of Powerade
  • Tayten Eggleston won a candy bar bouquet
  • Toni Oberg won a Beef Jerkey Bouquet
  • Jasmine Nelson won a Suzy's Pizza

The teacher winners were:

  • Ms. Brown a $25 iTunes gift card
  • Mrs. Badgley a Massage from a Touch of Grace by April Tickle
  • Mrs. Mohr won a Car detailing from Brandon Noble Attention to Detail
  • Mr. Morgan won a $25 iTunes gift card