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Reading Challenge: 2,500 Points Puts Mr. Morgan on the Roof

What could be worse that be a cold, windy night in October, stuck outside all night by yourself?  Your campfire has gone out and all you have is a sleeping bag and lawn chair. Is it made worse if you have more than 9 weeks to think about it?

That is what Mr. Joel Morgan, Principal of Arnold School, is going through right now.  He knows that if ALL students of Arnold Schools work together to get 2,500 points in Accelerated Reader by the end of 1st quarter, then he will be spending a lonely night on the roof. 

We will be keeping a running total at the end of each week to keep the students and the public updated on the progress toward the 2,500.  The totals will be posted on the school web site and a bulletin board in the entry way of the school.

This is an average of almost 13 points of reading per student. We came to this total knowing that the older students will help make up points for the younger ones… and that the kindergartners get the advantage of their parents reading their books to them…

The idea is similar to those of “cop on top” and other promotions to raise funds for a good cause.  However, our good cause is the promotion of good reading habits.

If the students reach the goal, Mr. Morgan will go up on the roof at the end of the school day and still be there when school starts the next day!

He will get a sleeping bag, one-man tent, a lawn chair, a flashlight, and a good book to keep him company.  We better make sure he doesn’t pick a Goosebumps, or Stephen King book, or he may get too scared to survive the night up there.