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The educational resources provided by a child's fellow students are more important for his achievement than are the resources provided by the school board.  - James S. Coleman


Back row: Duane Bowers, Eric Nelson, Shane Cool 
 Front row:
Diana Coleman, Joe Cool, Merle Bierman 


School Board


Mr. Duane Bowers
School Board President

Mr. Joe Cool
School Board Vice President

Mr. Eric Nelson
School Board Treasurer

Mrs. Diana Colemen
School Board Secretary

Mr. Shane Cool
School Board Member

Mr. Merle Bierman
School Board Member

2020-2022 Superintendent Contract

In accordance with the provisions of the Superintendent Pay Transparency Act (LB470), notice is hereby given that the Arnold Board of Education took action on this superintendent contract at the November 12, 2019 regular meeting.

Click here to see the Superintendent Contract.

Board Agendas and Minutes

School Board Archive

2019 Committee Assignments:

Building and Grounds:  S. Cool, Coleman, Nelson

Negotiations:  J. Cool, Bowers, S. Cool

Curriculum, Instruction and Committee of American Civics:  J. Cool, Bierman, Nelson

Transportation:  Bowers, Bierman, Nelson

Foundation Board Representative:  Merle Bierman

COOP Board:  Bowers, S. Cool

Personnel:  Bowers, J. Cool, Coleman

Makers Space:  Nelson

Beef:  Bierman, Eggleston (volunteer)

School Board Policies