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Week 1 of Fort Morgan Challenge

“Left…left…left, right, left.”

This year’s Morgan challenge is sending Mr. Morgan to Army Basic Training…starting with shaving his head, push up and sit up challenges, rations for lunch, and learning to march before culminating in the National Guard challenge. He may have survived last year’s frigid waters in the Morgan Plunge, but can he face Fort Morgan’s regimen? The only way to find out is to reach the school goal of 2,500 points by the end of the first quarter. So far, Mr. Morgan should be safe to relax on his workout schedule.

Here are our current points: 205.6 as a school.

Many times classes may set their own goal so here are individual class points so far. Disclaimer: Remember, different classes have different numbers of students and point values change based on size and reading levels so class point expectations may change (especially at the beginning of the year as reading strategy is focus).

K - (logs not figured yet, will check next week)1st grade: 13 points2nd grade: 16 points3rd grade: 3 points4th grade: 40 points5th grade: 26 points6th grade: 39 points7th grade: 18 points8th grade: 9 points9th grade: 0 points10th grade: 28 points11th grade: 1 point12 grade: 13 points

I’ll be looking up some Army marching cadences just in case we need them.

Debby Moninger