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Week 2- Morgan's Plunge Update

I wasn’t sure what to expect this week in the Morgan Plunge. Mr. Morgan was feeling confident as the eclipse, Demoine Adams’ fantastic speech, and Homecoming activities all combine to make finding reading time a little difficult.  Luckily, many students still found time for reading…and judging from the books flying in and out of the library others may just need to take the tests. 

This week students have 571 points…up 228 points from last week’s 343 points.

In case you have classroom goals, here’s a breakdown of week two by class (remember class numbers vary from one grade to well as length of the book, etc.)

K:    32
1st:  33
2nd: 19
3rd:  46
4th:  40
5th: 19
6th: 76
7th:  64
8th: 49
9th: 132
10th: 0
11th: 61
12th: 0

Here’s to week three being a “normal” week. Don’t put your flippers away yet Mr. Morgan!