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Wellness Committee

Student Wellness is a priority at APS.  Focusing on physical, mental and emotional health issues, the students of the Wellness Committee plan events that take place throughout the school year.  

Planned Events include:

  • Red Ribbon Week: Drug Use and Abuse Awareness, National Week is the last week of October annually.  The committee creates a theme for each day of the week, and choose fun activities for the elementary and high school students.
  • Every 32 Minutes: An impactful activity, students are brought face-to-face with the reality of the choices they make.  Based on the statistic that every 32 minutes a person in the United States dies from a drug or alcohol related event, this program selectively "kills" students during the school day.  Students, parents, teachers, and local law enforcement officials work together on the events of the day.
  • Incentive Parties: The Wellness Committee has assisted in planning incentive parties for the students in Middle School and High School who have met certain criteria each quarter.

Wellness Committee News

  • Red Ribbon Festivities Planned for October 24-27

    Red Ribbon WeekOctober 24-28, 2016Monday- Follow Your Dreams, Don’t Do Drugs- Pajama Day Tuesday- Drugs are Super Bad!- Favorite HeroWednesday- Surf the Drug Free Wave- Hawaiian clothingThursday- Say Peace Out to Drugs- Tie Dye Friday- No School   Read More...

  • Healthy Relationships Presenter to Come to Arnold

    Mrs. Meyer has scheduled a presenter for January 21st. Mrs.   Read More...

  • Elementary Creates Red Ribbon Week Art Gallery

    The elementary students, during red ribbon week, spent a lot of time discussing what drugs can do to your body, your mind and your future.  Mrs. Meyer had fun activities planned for each grade level, and each student is showcased on their class poster.  If you haven't had a chance to come up to the school to see the art gallery in the hallway, please see the photo gallery on Wellness Committee web page to see their digital art gallery.     Read More...

  • Red Ribbon Week

    Red Ribbon Week activities were held from Oct 20-24 this year at APS.  Students in the elementary classes participated by dressing up each day of the week, themed with a drug-free slogan.  They made wall posters during Guidance time that draw attention to the dangers of drugs.   Read More...

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